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Our Advantage

Henninger Overview

Founded in 1983 by Rob Henninger, HMS is Washington, D.C.’s premier production and post- production media company. We are a team of professionals dedicated to helping our clients deliver their message through the ever-changing world of electronic media.  Our diverse customer list includes broadcast, corporate, advertising, non-profit, and government clients (we are on the GSA Schedule). 

The Henninger Advantage

We have been the trusted outsourced media services company for the most successful broadcast, corporate, and media consulting firms in the D.C. area for more than 25 years…driven by the foundation of our five core values—Quality, Service, Innovation, Teamwork, and Creativity.

  • Best in Quality—we treat your project with the commitment and dedication as though it was our own, and we relish in the unique challenges that each job holds.  We adhere to stringent quality controls and standard operating procedures, in order to deliver superior value and exceed your expectations.
  • Best in Service—we strive to provide extraordinary client service and seamless communication at every stage of your project, led by the most experienced project management and engineering staff in the D.C. area.  Providing you with an unforgettable client experience every time you walk in the door is our #1 goal.
  • Best in Innovation—we have been at the forefront of high definition production and post-production technologies for the last ten years, offering the most comprehensive capability and greatest capacity in the Mid-Atlantic area.
  • Best in Teamwork—we stress the importance of teamwork over individual achievement.  We are committed to hiring, training and retaining only the premier level of creative, technical, and operational talent in the industry who believe in, and deliver on, the team concept.
  • Best in Creativity—we have won hundreds of industry awards for original production and final mastering, as well as many more for technical achievement—including two national Emmy’s for Digital Audio.