Welcome Christopher Campbell to the Henninger Team

Bio_Christopher_CampbellGraphics and animation have always been second nature to Christopher Campbell. His grandparents and mother made a living and hobby of printmaking, painting and illustration and passed the tradition of fine art down to him at an early age. Before evolving his craft into the realm of digital graphics, Christopher trained as a sculptor and printmaker in Detroit Michigan; eventually spending a year studying graphic design at the Maximillian Universitat in Munich Germany. Upon returning to the US, Christopher began focusing on film and television post production, graphic design, and animation.
Making the move from Detroit to New York City, Christopher worked for Viacom networks in Manhattan before a strong network of local friends and family convinced him to relocate to the Washington DC area in 2003. Since then, he has held both creative and technical positions with numerous post houses and government agencies as well as operated his own LLC in the DC area. Over the past 15 years, Christopher has created content and provided support for nearly a hundred local companies and organizations, National Geographic, Scripts Network, and Discovery Communications.
Christopher brings a multi-faceted approach to media creation with more than a decade of professional experience in storyboard illustration, graphic design, motion graphics & compositing, animation, editing, mastering and post-processing. His experience operating as a single-proprietor post-production LLC in the DC area, gives him a broad technical and creative perspective on modern workflows and the ability to operate as a one-stop-shop for your content creation needs.