Protect Your Assets – Get Busy Archiving

Old tapes, film reels and now hard drives are piling up. They’re taking up space, they’re aging and as the people who worked on them move on to new companies or retire, the knowledge available about them starts to disappear. But archiving everything can be challenging. How do you go about figuring out what to keep, what to toss and what you might need to watch before making a decision about it? We can help. The key is to get organized and then reach out to us to talk through your goals. We can work with all sorts of materials and all kinds of budgets. Who knows…that dusty old film that’s been taking up space in your closet for years might be the perfect thing to kick off your next big work event. That VHS tape might be the only copy of your company’s grand opening in 1987, or those hard drives that have sat on a shelf for 6 years might have great b-roll you could use for your next video. Don’t let your assets go to waste.