Post Production Facility Or Hotel?

Edit Suite

That headline may be a bit offbeat, but it’s a valid question…so, read on. Henninger Media Services does rent out rooms, an act or service also known as hoteling.

Henninger’s state-of-the-art facility includes seven rooms available for rent as edit suites or office space. Each room can be configured as an Avid, Final Cut (Mac only) or an Adobe Premiere suite and includes 1TB of storage. Additional data storage is available, and rooms can be networked so that that storage is shared among suites. Each suite comes equipped with After Effects, and each room rental includes an HD monitor and access to our digital site for posting/receiving files. Additionally, renters have access to expert video engineers for tech support and are given 24/7 access to our building. We have great meeting spaces, including a screening room and a great kitchen area available for use as well (not to mention a Ping-Pong table).

A significant added value to our hotel offering is the capability and capacity to support video service firms with world-class post production finishing touches. While we have existing clients who “Hotel” with us on a regular basis, there have been several recent guests at our “Inn” who’ve partnered with Henninger to finish high-profile projects. Cases in point………

1) A Los Angeles-based production firm, known for their broadcast work, had Henninger support its recent live and segmented video pieces that aired on ABC during prime-time. Three edits suites were rented over a four-day period while 24/7 coverage of editorial, engineering, project management and craft services was provided. And to finish it up, Henninger delivered broadcast-ready video to ABC via digital distribution.

2) A Hollywood-based production firm was creating a nationally broadcast advertisement for an advertising agency located in DC. Two edits suites were rented over a five-day period, while color correction and digital distribution services were prominently used to support completion of the advertisement.

3) A DC-based production firm needed three weeks of an edit suite to offline their film.   After offlining, they worked with us to add graphics and create a Blu-ray and DCP deliverable for film festival submission.

Henninger is a full-service post production facility, so there are plenty of great colorists, designers, editors and sound engineers available to help take your project across the finish line. Our fully equipped machine room, film transfer capabilities and digital distribution capacity ensure that each and every source will find its way into your project without a hitch. Please contact us to inquire about our rental spaces and the valuable amenities that come along with being our guest.