Video Production Script-to-screen video production or targeted support

Our video production team is built to provide flexibility to those looking to produce corporate videos or videos for non-profit organizations or associations.  Whether you need full service video production or just a little bit of support in a certain area of the production process, we can help. Have a last minute or out-of-town need?  We can handle that as well.  Sue O’Hora, our in-house video producer, has helped organizations write and produce a wide variety of production projects, from 30 second spots to 90 minute long programs or longer.

Our extensive pre-production process, post-production capabilities, and large network of highly skilled video production crewmembers are key to all successful Henninger Productions projects. Pre-production is especially crucial to creating successful videos. Our team will work in concert with you during this phase to develop creative treatments and scripts and to create a production schedule and a list of final deliverables. These will guide the entire production.

Moving into the production phase, our team will remain in constant contact with you to help coordinate filming and ensure that the final video(s) will exactly meet your organization’s needs.  We bring our technical post production staff into the project early, allowing them to weigh in as decisions are made prior to filming.  This aids in creating a smooth transition from production to post production.

Throughout post-production, our team communicates with you to keep you informed about the process, discuss what elements require feedback, and explain our next steps.  This clear and consistent communication will be the key to video production success.

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  • Staff Producer
  • Extensive network of freelance production personnel
  • Award-winning portfolio