Sound Sound design and mix set the atmosphere

Nothing can sink a good video faster than audio quality problems. Our Sound Mixers and Audio Engineers know this better than anyone. Our mixers work to ensure that the final product is completely immersive, creating soundscapes that can make viewers feel like they’re on the third turn at the Indy 500 or sitting feet away from a pack of lions. They are sticklers for authenticity and it isn’t unusual to see them rounding up fellow employees and heading outside with audio gear in search of the perfect foley effect.

Our narration booth is perfect television and radio commercials, books on tape, ADR and narration recording for long-form documentaries. We also have a recording set-up perfect for recording small groups for podcasts.  In short, we’re prepared to meet all of your audio needs.

  • Sound design, mix, foley & custom sound effects
  • Broadcast & cinema quality mixing in 5.1 surround & stereo
  • Narration & voice-over recording and editing
  • Podcasting
  • ADR
  • ISDN capabilities