The Photoshop of Sound


Audio is often considered the stepchild of post production. Here’s a sampling of statements often mentioned relative to audio post production………“Who needs audio?” And another, “It’s just an added expense we can do with out. “ How about this one, “I can do it myself.” Finally, “Why would I spend money on audio when there’s more filming to take place?”

If you want an audience to take complete notice of a video message subsequently influencing a viewers decision to watch, buy, donate, vote, etc., essential elements of that communiqué should not be overlooked. And, yes my friends, audio is an essential element of any video.

Henninger Media’s audio engineers have been using iZotope audio editing products to make beautiful sound. In fact, we use iZotope on just about every project. From political ads to reality shows, iZotope is great for removing microphone hits, clicks, pops, mouth noise, distortion, air conditioning noise, traffic, electrical hum and the list goes on.

An example of how our engineering experts used iZotope to yield drastic results relates to a Cooking Channel program that had come to Henninger with badly distorted audio (hisses and hums amongst other sound issues). We were able to fix the distortion and the Cooking Channel was able to use those clips that would otherwise be unusable and would have never passed network quality control.

As Andrew Bozza, one of Henninger’s senior audio engineer’s puts it, “iZotope is definitely the Photoshop of sound and an absolute game changer.”

The audio work Henninger supports its clients with offers up many production and post production efficiencies.   We can save unusable audio and avoid a re-shoot or re-record.  So, think of Henninger as your high-end audio quality and restoration post production facility that utilizes game changing “Photoshop of Sound” resources to make your content sound amazing.

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