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What’s the latest video and media industry news? How are you affected by industry trends and actions? Can you use this knowledge to better your project, business and clients? Well, here’s a chance to recall what you have already heard about or learn recent goings on in this crazy, ever changing video and media world.

  • The NFL produced a nine-part series airing on YouTube that will offer a 360-degree view of football life from the perspective of players and coaches. First episode aired on Thanksgiving Day.
  • A mobile analytics firm called App Annie is predicting that app store revenue will increase from $70 billion in 2015 to $189 billion in 2020. Growth is related to gaming.   The Asia-Pacific region is projected to become the world leader in app revenue with a projected revenue amount of $85 billion in 2020. The U.S. app revenue is projected to be at $75 billion in 2020. Other areas of revenue growth will come from transportation and shopping.
  • Google announced that it’s adding HDR (high dynamic range) support for YouTube videos.
  • Snapchat began selling camera embedded sunglasses that allow people to record 10-second clips and then upload them wirelessly to Snapchat.
  • The Senate Commerce Committee held the first congressional hearing on augmented reality (AR) on November 16. The hope for the committee is to uncover augmented reality uses in transportation safety, scientific research and communications.
  • It’s expected that 1/3 of consumers will have bought a DVD or Blu-ray disc on Black Friday. Part of the reason for the expected disc purchase is a low price point for the discs ($4/$8 on avg.).
  • Amazon’s new original series, “The Grand Tour,” cost $250 million to produce and will air in 200 countries starting in December.
  • AOL let go 500 employees in a restructuring that will allow for a greater focus on mobile, data and video.
  • A new series of Google Fiber TV and Network set-top boxes is being developed. The series of boxes will have 4K ultra HD streaming and wireless connectivity that will reportedly work on the 5GHz band.
  • Doppler Labs has developed augmented reality wireless earbuds, which are designed to stream music and modify the sound around you. The earbuds are known as Here One and will be available in February 2017.

News sources include MediaPost, M&E Daily, VideoNuze and The Wall Street Journal.

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