Video & Social Media Industry News – December 2016

What’s the latest video and social media industry news? How are you affected by industry trends and actions? Can you use this knowledge to better your project, business and clients? Well, here’s a chance to recall what you have already heard about or learn recent goings on in this crazy, ever changing video and social media world.

  • Black Friday sales for Sony’s PlayStation VR headset was projected to be at 2.6 million but ended at .75 million. The numbers indicate VR is still not mainstream.
  • HBO’s app, HBO NOW, is airing VR content.
  • The top five video ads on YouTube in 2016 had 300 million views to date.   These spots ranged in length from 45 seconds to six minutes.
  • From 2015 to 2016, time spent on YouTube tripled amongst adults 55 and over.
  • Facebook is producing original video programming that will be aired in its mobile first video environment starting in 2017.
  • Twitter now allows for live broadcasting from its app.
  • It’s expected that Amazon will add a sports programming option to its live streaming subscription in 2017.
  • TiVo added New Music Choice as a streaming service offering 20000 music videos to its subscribers.
  • Neil Young (and his music company Pono) will launch a HiFi streaming service in 2017.
  • It is projected that OTT (over the top) subscriptions will increase by 16% in 2016.

News sources include MediaPost, M&E Daily, VideoNuze, the Wall Street Journal and the Hollywood Reporter.


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