Video & Social Media Industry News – MARCH 2017

What’s the latest video and social media industry news? How are you affected by industry trends and actions? Can you use this knowledge to better your project, business and clients? Well, here’s a chance to recall what you have already heard about or learn recent goings on in this crazy, ever changing video and social media world.

  • YouTube’s worldwide viewership has surpassed 1 billion hours a day. The worldwide television audience watches 1.25 billion hours of video a day.
  • YouTube TV will launch this year and cost $35 per month. The service will be live and include 45 channels.
  • Verizon will start to test its 5G high-speed network in mid-2017 in 11 cities including Washington, D.C.   The 5G network is supposed to radically improve mobile Internet speeds.
  • It’s projected that Voice technology will be the next disruptive force in how we interact with our mobile devices. In 2018, 30% of all interactions with mobile devices will be via Voice recognition.
  • 61% of content posted on Snapchat is video.
  • Consumers spent 350,000 combined hours watching Super Bowl ads on YouTube. 70% of that watch time came via mobile devices. Budweiser’s “Born The Hard Way” was the number 1 watched ad. Lady Gaga’s halftime show had more viewers than the game itself and ranked third all time to Madonna (2012) and Katy Perry/Lenny Kravitz (2015).
  • 75% of U.S. households have Internet connected TVs. That’s up from 50% in 2013.
  • Comcast added 161,000 new subscribers in 2016 which defies the existing cord-cutting trend.
  • Netflix is expected to hit 100 million worldwide subscribers this year.
  • Google plans to outfit millions of smart phones with virtual reality (VR) software this year.



News sources include MediaPost, M&E Daily, VideoNuze, the Wall Street Journal and the Hollywood Reporter.


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