We Rent Edit Suites!

The headline is not misleading…we rent edit suites! Our new facility includes seven rooms available for rent as edit suites or office space. Each can be configured as an Avid, a Final Cut (Mac only) or an Adobe Premiere suite and includes 1TB of storage. Additional TBs can be rented and rooms can be networked so that that storage is shared between suites. Each suite comes equipped with After Effects, and each room rental includes an HD monitor (Mac or PC based) and access to our FTP site for posting and receiving files. Additionally, renters have access to our wonderful engineers for tech support, and renters are given 24/7 access to our building. We have great meeting spaces and a great kitchen area available for use as well (not to mention a Ping-Pong table).

We’ve also recently worked with out-of-town production companies who have simply needed a reliable Ethernet connection and a lot of bandwidth in order to upload footage quickly so that someone in another city (or country) can pull it down fast and get started on an edit. We’re a great choice for this kind of work, and we can help you line up Production Assistants, Couriers and any other local help you might need while filming in the DC area.

Henninger is a full-service post production facility, so there are plenty of great colorists, editors, and sound engineers available to help take your project across the finish line and our fully equipped machine room and film transfer capabilities ensure that each and every source will find its way into your project without a hitch. Please contact us to inquire about our rental spaces or footage uploading capabilities.

Sue O’Hora is Henninger Media Services’ staff Producer. When not busy working on production projects, she can be found reading about television, writing about it or discussing it with friends. You can learn more about Sue at www.videobysue.com or follow her on Twitter @SueOHora.