Weekend in Havanna

Leo Eaton of Eaton Creative had already filmed in Cuba a few times.  Production for “Weekend in Havanna” would be his seventh trip back to the island nation.  This time, he was accompanied by Geoffrey Baer, the host of the popular shows “Ten That Changed America” and “Chicago By Boat,” programs produced by WTTW in Chicago for Illinois PBS stations.

They landed only two days after Castro had died and soon realized that much of their pre-production planning was for naught.  The traditional nine day mourning period meant that there would be no alcohol, no music and no dancing during the first seven days of  a 14 day production schedule.  The government offices, in which their official permits were being held, were closed.  Add in monsoon-like rains at the end of the first week, and the crew had to scramble to formulate a new schedule rather quickly.

Luckily, the fast-thinking, creative production team was able to adjust and still get great footage. In “Weekend in Havanna,” Baer takes viewers on a walking tour of the city, meeting dancers, chefs, and singers along the way and focusing on the people, architecture, culture and history of the country Americans are just getting the chance to rediscover.  Henninger is proud to have contributed online editing, color and mix to the show.

The program airs on PBS at 8pm on July 18th.  Check your local listing for air dates/times.