Without Audio – You Can’t Hear A Thing

So the reality show you and your friends watched on television last night was great. And the wildlife documentary you watched on your tablet looked cool. Oh yeah, those pretty pictures on all the binge watched programs seen this weekend were awesome. What is it that separates those video programs from all the other shows watched on streaming sites, network television and traditional social media? Keep reading.

There are so many shows available for viewing that there must be a reason to watch a particular program. Content is known as being king, so having a compelling story line will certainly draw an audience. What enhances that wonderful content is great sound (audio) that makes your senses take notice. Henninger Media Services is fortunate to have an award winning audio team that designs and mixes the audio heard on many of those creative programs watched by millions of viewers. Our recently promoted Senior Audio Engineer, Andrew Bozza, has provided audio design to many of the national programs produced and posted at Henninger.

Blog_Photo_Andrew_BozzaAndrew lives and breathes audio. He holds a degree in Recording Arts from Full Sail University. He is a producer/engineer for the Washington, D.C. based band – Footwerk. As an Emmy nominated audio designer for Henninger, Andrew has worked on programs for scores (pun intended) of organizations including the National Park Service, National Geographic and Food Network. As Andrew would point out, you can’t simply want to be an audio engineer. An audio engineer must be knee deep in creating the sound vibe that makes content owners say, “Ah, I can actually hear my program make viewers pay attention.”

Why has Andrew and Henninger excelled at audio engineering? As Andrew noted, “Henninger’ s audio team (as well as the rest of our creative staff) provide for much more than what clients expect.” Andrew went on to say, “Each project is our baby and we treat its content with tender loving care.” With each morsel of audio work that will eventually emanate from some broadcast device, expertise and care are employed to ensure a great hearing experience.

Audio is a main reason why content is paid attention to. Your program, documentary, spot, etc. is likely to have significant effort attributed. Without applying the finishing touch of audio engineering, all effort used to produce that content will not be getting justice. 32 years in the postproduction and sound business, coupled with Emmy award winning audio engineers has provided Henninger with the moniker of audio expert.

To learn more about quality audio engineering, contact the professionals at Henninger.