Our Philosophy

Henninger was founded in 1983 by Rob Henninger on five core values:

Quality, Service, Innovation, Teamwork and Creativity.

These principles are still the foundation of our business and what we apply to every project that comes through our doors. Film and video projects are labors of love, and our staff understands the effort that goes into each frame.

We put our collective heart and soul into every project we work on, treating each one as if it were our own.

Our Mission

We strive to deliver the best possible results to our clients by providing them with the best service, and the key to that is listening. We listen to what our clients want to accomplish, we listen to their feedback, and we listen when they discuss what they need to deliver. We relish the opportunity to provide guidance throughout a project’s lifespan…from discussing what camera to shoot with to what deliverables will show off the finished product the best.

Quite simply, our mission is to provide the best possible guidance to our clients and in return, help them produce the best possible videos.

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