"Frozen Obsession" Airing on Maryland Public Television at 8pm on April 19th

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Climate change is a critical scientific and social issue that confronts today's world. Nowhere are the consequences of a warming climate more pronounced and observable than in the Polar Regions. The documentary FROZEN OBSESSION follows the 18-day, 2,000-mile Northwest Passage Project expedition through the stunningly beautiful and extreme Canadian Arctic Archipelago aboard the Swedish research icebreaker Oden. During the expedition, the Northwest Passage Project team studies water chemistry, microbiology, birds, mammals, and physical oceanography. As FROZEN OBSESSION bears witness to a dramatically changing Arctic, we gain a sobering assessment of what's at stake. But in a hopeful turn, the film also witnesses the exhilarating life-changing experiences of the students on this expedition, who represent the next generation of scientists and decision makers who will surely make a difference in the world.

We are proud to have contributed titling and color correction to this thought-provoking film.  FROZEN OBSESSION premiered on Maryland Public Television (MPT) at 8pm on Monday, April 19th.  It's also available on PBS digital to stream anytime.  For additional airdates, check your local listings or visit the documentary’s website.