Sound Design & Mixing

Q. Can you get rid of the sound of the HVAC system humming / jackhammer / birds chirping in my footage?

A. When we’re asked whether we can eliminate or minimize extraneous or unwanted sounds, the initial answer is almost always “maybe.” Some sounds are trickier to eliminate or lessen than others. We are happy to take a sample and run a test to see if the results we are able to achieve meet your expectations.

Q. Can I direct a VO record in person and have another producer direct remotely?

A. Yes ! No matter whether the talent is remote or in person, you and / or additional producers can direct over Zoom, Skype, Source Connect Now, or a classic phone patch.


Q. Can you improve this image / shot / scene?

A. The answer is always yes! Just let us know your goals. (Theoretically, there might be a shot out there we couldn’t improve, but after working on 1,000,000+ scenes, our colorists haven’t found one yet).

Q. Can you change the color of the tie/shirt/lamp in this scene?

A. Most likely, yes…we can ! Please send a sample so we can answer definitively.

Q. Can you get rid of a flickering light in our footage?

A. We can at least knock the flicker down! Please send a sample for us to evaluate.

Q. My footage has bumps or stutter in the motion. Can you help smooth these out?

A. Often yes, but it will depend on the frame rate. Please send a sample. We have a few different solutions for solving this problem.


Q. Do you have a studio?

A. No, our facility does not currently have a studio space for filming, but we have excellent relationships with studios in the area and work with them as needed. This allows us to ensure we're using a studio that's the right size for a given project and one that is conveniently located for the client.

Q. How fast can you complete this project?

A. Since production projects are all unique, the schedule for each is unique as well. If your project has a specific deadline, let us know and we can include a schedule during the proposal/budgeting phase that will outline the steps required to meet your deadline. How quickly your team can review and provide feedback at each step will also affect the project timeline, so be sure you have a sense of how many days your team will need to review each milestone such as the initial script, the rough cut, the fine cut, etc.

Q. What does the average production cost?

A. We provide clients with a custom proposal and budget for each production project because every project is different. In our initial conversation, we’ll ask you a few questions to learn more about the scope of your project:

  • How many videos do you want to make and how long are they?
  • How quickly do you need the project completed?
  • How will you distribute the video(s)?
  • What are your initial creative ideas/needs for this project? Do you want the video(s) to be animated, or do you want to feature interview footage or actors, etc.?
  • Do you have a budget or budget range you’re trying to stick to?

If your approach is flexible, we can often find a creative way to achieve your goals within your budget.


Q. What the process for ordering material from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)?

A. You’ll need to work with NARA to find what you’re looking for, submit an Item Approval Request List and wait for NARA’s review and approval. Once your order is approved, we’ll provide a quote for the transfer work then order and transfer the appropriate materials. We have in-depth information available about this process on our website here.

Q. How long do NARA transfers typically take?

A. The process can take up to four to six weeks from start to finish depending on the size of your order. From the time we receive film from NARA for transfer, we can complete most orders within 7 days.

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