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Henninger has been known for its exceptional Video Post Production Services for years, but did you know that it has a long history of providing great Video Production as well?  If you need Script Writing services, help hiring and managing crew, or someone to oversee your project during post production, Henninger can help.

Whether you’re looking for Commercial Video Production, Marketing Video Production, Promotional Video Production or even Music Video Production, the process is the same.  We talk with you to determine your goals for the project, your timeline, your budget range, your distribution plan and what creative ideas you and your team might already be considering.  If needed, we will condense this information into a creative brief that we can use to further refine the scope of the project.  Next, we will move on to Scripting and Storyboarding.  As Filming approaches, we will build a team of experienced, highly creative Video Production Professionals based on the needs of your project.  We do not believe in one-size-fits-all crews.  If your project requires Filming outside of the Washington, D.C. area, don’t worry…we can handle that too.  Once we have footage to work with, our Senior Producer will work with our Video Post Production team to provide rough cuts, fine cuts and final “picture locked” edits for your approval.  Your project will benefit from our skilled Audio Mixers and Colorists and will be delivered on time and with superior creativity and attention to technical detail.

We also offer Animated Video Production Services.  Soon after Scripting begins on an Animated Video, we provide design frames that help us develop a unique, brand-consistent look for your Video.  Then, we move on to Storyboarding.  During this process, our Motion Graphics Experts and Animators build the elements they will need to animate the Video.  Finally, we provide rough cuts, fine cuts and “picture locked” edits for approval, just as we would for a live action Video.  We can also combine Animation with live Video by utilizing the impressive skills of our Video Editor/Animators.

There are many examples of our Script-to-Screen Video Production work in our portfolio. View Our Portfolio.

We offer various Video Production and Post Production Services to clients across Washington, D.C., Baltimore, MD, Arlington, Richmond & Charlottesville ,VA.

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The Henninger team is prompt, professional - and the perfect partner for video production. We have worked on several projects together. I love their ideas, and creativity for my client videos. I look forward to completing future projects together.
-Suzy Wagner

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