How An Audio Facility Can Help You Realize Your Podcasting Goals.

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More people are giving podcasts a try than ever before. It is estimated that 177 million Americans 12 years of age and older have listened to at least one podcast in the last year, and that number continues to grow. The audience for podcasts is becoming more diverse as well. The ethnicity of monthly podcast listeners 12 and older in the United States closely mirrors the demographics of the country as a whole as of 2022.1

Podcasting can be a great way to build an audience, no matter how niche your subject matter. The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) created a podcast that resonates with a surprisingly array of people. While one third of those who tune in are scientists and ASM members, the rest are from a wide cross section of professions and disciplines.2

The Henninger audio team specializes in helping companies, associations, and non-profits create engaging podcasts. Audio quality is key to capturing an audience and holding their attention week after week, and our broadcast-quality audio suites and extensive connectivity options ensure that your hosts and guests will sound their best, wherever they’re located. Our audio engineers are experts in recording, editing and mixing podcast episodes. By providing full-service podcast production, we can save your team time and ensure a pleasant listening experience for your audience. You receive final files ready for distribution and promotion.

Kim Cates, our Director of Audio Services and Re-Recording Mixer, has helped many organizations fulfill their podcasting vision. “We can be collaborative with your creative team, working with you to make sure future episodes are informed by analytics, making edits to interviews for time, etc.” Clients remain in full creative control of their podcast, while the Henninger team remains focused on delivering top-quality audio files.

Cates has a great tip for those just getting started with podcasting. She recommends putting out a promo a few weeks before launching a new podcast in order to create buzz around it on social media. This gives you the opportunity to start growing your audience before your official launch and to learn the quirks of different podcasting platforms in advance.

Henninger is a leading podcasting service provider in the Washington, D.C. area. Let our skilled team of audio engineers help bring your podcast to life.

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