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One of the best ways to help your brand engage with a broader audience is through video content. Videos (especially online videos) are accessible to everyone with an Internet connection, can be highly educational, and have more impact than most promotional tools.

Producing quality video content that attracts an audience can be a time-consuming process that requires a variety of skills. For this reason, many businesses hire professional producers to take care of their production projects. If you’re looking for a reliable production company in Arlington, VA, reach out to the Henninger Media Services team.

We are known for our excellent post-production services like video editing, color grading, sound design, and audio mix. In fact, we have been offering these services in the Washington, D.C. area for over thirty-five years. However, a lot of people, even those who work with us regularly, don’t know that Henninger provides full, script-to-screen video production as well. Our in-house producer works with clients to develop creative content, build production budgets, write scripts, hire crews, and supervise post-production. She’s also well versed in producing animated videos, such as explainer videos, infographic animations, and character-driven animations.

By having a staff video producer under the same roof as our comprehensive post-production team, we’re able to offer our services to a wider variety of clients. We’re not just a destination for broadcast producers or political consultants. Our production services meet the content needs of communication professionals, corporations, NGOs, non-profit organizations, and think tanks.

Rather than assembling and managing a web of freelance talent throughout a production or hiring an employee to manage your video needs, you can hire our team to produce for you. We will provide you with a skilled producer to oversee the entire process, as well as a Senior Production Manager to help make sure your project stays on schedule. At the beginning of the project, we’ll create a plan for regular milestones and check-ins so that you always know that your project is on track. This creates a streamlined process for clients whose timetable is already packed. It also allows for a greater degree of flexibility. If you have a number of projects or campaigns to juggle, our team can help ensure you'll have the resources and talent you need to complete all of your video deliverables before your deadline.

You can always hire a video specialist to support your organization’s video needs, but a single person may not have the ability to handle a large volume of work or may have only a few areas of expertise. Even if you do have a small in-house team that can take the lead on a project, we can supplement the skills of that creative team or augment the volume of work they are able to take on. With our team, you’re getting a dedicated, coordinated team of specialists.

We understand that each production project is unique and requires different resources, which is why our planning methods and costing vary from project to project. We can take your specifications and goals into account and use them to formulate a budget or if your budget is fixed, we can work with that number and build a plan around it.

To try our services today, get in touch with Henninger Media Services by giving us a call at 1 (888) 243-3444. As a leading video production and post-production company in Arlington, VA, we aim to help our clients make the most of the production process. When producing your content, we make sure to focus on quality, service, innovation, teamwork, and creativity. These have been the cornerstones of our success, and we aim to showcase them in every project.

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