Production Community

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Production Community

Henninger Media Services, Inc. is known for providing world-class post production services for over 35 years, but what is less well-known is that Henninger provides full script-to-screen production as well. Henninger has provided video production services in the Washington, DC metro area for over 20 years, specializing in documentary productions and animated videos for non-profit organizations, corporations and government agencies.  

We are proud to be a part of the Washington, DC video production community. The world-class Directors of Photography, Sound Engineers, Gaffers, Grips and others who make this area their home have a wealth of experience to lend to projects filmed in the DC area.  Henninger works regularly with a wide variety of talented crew members to produce high quality projects.

Why does Washington, DC have such a strong video production community? First, there are a number of large media organizations here, which have naturally fostered a community of video production specialists.  Discovery Communications has its roots in the Washington, DC area, as does National Geographic Television. It isn’t unusual to hear photographers tell amazing stories of filming poisonous snakes in India or dodging crocodiles in a Costa Rican waterway. This town has a strong journalism and newsgathering community as well, with many who find interest in producing documentary content. PBS also has a strong presence in the area. Many companies based in the DC area produce content for presenting stations around the country.  

Secondly, the Federal government plays a role in fostering a strong video production community in the DC area.  Many government agencies have in-house producers and video teams or regularly hire outside talent to help produce informational videos, public service announcements and other projects. Washington, DC has a strong legacy of independent documentary production as well, aided in part by the fact that the National Archives are located here.

Lastly, at the grassroots level the DC area has an incredibly strong chapter of Women In Film and Video (WIFV).  This group organizes and sponsors valuable programming for film and video professionals at all career levels, from editing and screenwriting roundtables to film screenings and mentorship programs.  Additionally, film production, journalism, and documentary programs at Howard University, American University and The George Washington University draw young talent to our city.

In summary, Henninger Media Services, Inc. is deeply integrated in the DC film and video production community.  Let us be your gateway to this deep reserve of talent and resources.