Quality Control In The Age Of 4K

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Quality Control In The Age Of 4K

Video is rapidly gaining in popularity. Everywhere you look, you’ll see video content taking center stage for being engaging, entertaining, and insightful. Lots of the video content we consume these days is created quickly on someone’s phone for social media…and much of it is great! For certain distribution channels however, maintaining a specific level of quality is vital. In those circumstances, you should consider using quality control evaluation services.

Quality control (QC) is the process through which a video asset (usually a finished commercial or program) is assessed against a set of technical specifications. Quality control services are often used by producers and production companies delivering to broadcast entities. For instance, a political campaign delivering a spot to networks or a producer delivering a documentary to a broadcast network like National Geographic or PBS will use quality control services.

Each broadcasting network has slightly different specifications, and it’s important to assess your work before delivering it to a network to ensure that your spot or program isn’t kicked back. This is particularly important when an important airdate is looming. Even if you don’t need to meet strict network guidelines for your content, taking advantage of quality control evaluation services can give your post-production team the opportunity to resolve problems and elevate the quality of your content. 

Offering QC services within a full-service post-production house allows us to catch issues and very quickly address them, which prevents trafficking delays. Doing your QC evaluation with Henninger Media Services ensures that a great team of post-production and engineering professionals are ready and waiting to help if an issue arises and requires quick attention. We have been providing these services since 1991, when we secured our first contract for post productions services with Discovery Communications.

During a typical QC evaluation, a member of the Henninger core services team will use specialized software, scopes, monitors and training to compare your program or spot to the delivery specifications you need to meet. At the end of the process, you’ll receive a QC report outlining what our specialist has found. The goal is to catch issues that might hold up the delivery of your spot or show. 

We also recently used our QC team on an archiving project. In that case, our technician evaluated multiple copies of video assets in order to identify the best copies to archive. Our reports will be archived along with the best assets for future reference.

Our QC rates are typically dependent upon the length of the program, the resolution of the program, and the audio configuration. For more details about quality control, reach out to us at Henninger Media Services.

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