Get to Know Our Narration Capabilities…and Our Narration Recording Engineer

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Our Narration Recording Engineer

Clients and voiceover talent have long counted on Henninger Media Services to provide exceptional narration recording and editing. Now, there are more choices than ever for how to record the right voice for your project. Our suite is equipped with Source-Connect, which allows us to capture crystal-clear recordings by connecting with other Source-Connect studios around the world. Talent can come to our studio or connect with us from a studio elsewhere (this includes home studios equipped with Source-Connect) while we record the session. Similarly, studios elsewhere can use Source-Connect to record a session happening in our studio. We’re also equipped with ipDTL, a technology that allows us to interface with studios that still use ISDN when needed.

Client teams come in all shapes and sizes. A public affairs firm might have multiple reviewers who need to be a part of a session and may be spread out geographically. During COVID-19, we also implemented more ways to supervise sessions. Producers and clients can use Zoom or Skype to supervise.

Our suite is also perfect for ADR sessions. When dialogue from a shoot is unusable, ADR or “Automatic Dialogue Replacement,” is often the solution. Bad weather, a technical problem or a passing siren can all render a piece of dialogue unusable. In an ADR session, the actor records a new dialogue track by watching the scene and performing to match it. ADR is also known as “looping.” Many high-profile actors have used our facility for ADR sessions.


Our Narration Recording Engineer


Donna Gureckas is our narration recording engineer, and she has been a part of our audio team since the 2018 political season. During the pandemic, Donna has been a stalwart figure in the halls of Henninger, coming in each day to help clients record VO, both in person and remotely. “As a recording engineer, I take the technical stress off of the talent, so they are able to come in or set up at home and focus on their performance. I handle connecting them with producers, setting levels, watching take timings, and slating, all so that when I say go, they can put their best foot forward,” Donna explained.

Donna has also grown as a sound designer and mixer, working closely with our other audio team members to support client projects and grow her skills. She recently had a chance to work on a film in which the environment played an enormous role in a history story.

Donna reflected on the project, “I’m really proud of the sound design I was able to bring to the film. It was challenging, because the sound effects had to be historically accurate, and the animal sounds had to be true to the area. I dove deep into finding out which birds are native to the area and in what seasons, so that each scene had a proper representation of what you would hear if you visited. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to be a part of telling such an important story and doing it justice.”

If you’re in need of help with an audio project and are interested in working with Donna or any member of our talented team, please reach out to us.