Kim Howell Cates Re-Joins Henninger Team to Lead Audio Department

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Kim Howell Cates Re-Joins Henninger Team to Lead Audio Department

We are very excited to announce Kim Howell Cates as our new Director of Audio Services and Re-recording Mixer. Kim began her career in the “halls” of Henninger as an audio assistant in 2001, shortly after graduating from James Madison University’s music program. The position introduced her to a team of accomplished sound engineers and paved a career path in sound designing and mixing. While moving around the country and growing her family, Kim ran a successful audio business on her own starting in 2007. During that time, she established a diverse clientele for a multitude of audio services, from podcasts to commercials to long form documentaries. Based out of the DMV area for the last 5 years, she is now bringing her creative instincts and business experience to our team.

In her role as Director of Audio Services, Kim will continue building collaborative relationships with our clients and find ways to better serve them as the world of production continues to evolve. She will mentor the audio team as they collectively dive deeper into the art and craft of sound design and mixing, listening to our clients and bringing their vision into reality. Her experience collaborating closely with producers and directors gives her unique insight into changing workflows and the pressures clients face. “Let’s meet our clients where they are and work with them in ways that make the process easier, all while giving them the high quality, creative and polished sound they have come to value and expect.”

As a professional who now has over 20 years of experience, Kim still thinks back fondly on her early years with the company: “As our industry becomes more siloed, I worry that people looking to break into the industry won’t have the opportunities to learn from experienced professionals that I had.” Kim hopes to build on an already-great team, creating a nurturing environment that will help raise up the next generation of talented audio professionals.