What Makes Henninger Media Services Stand Out

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About Henninger Media Services

We are a video production and post-production company serving broadcast media, political media, corporate and non-profit clients since 1984. We are based in the Washington, D.C. area and occupy a 20,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility in Arlington, VA, but serve clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Over the years, we have become synonymous with fast turn-around and excellent quality work.

Despite being a mature business, we’re continually innovating as our industry demands it. We pride ourselves on staying at the technological forefront of an industry that is rapidly changing and evolving.

For instance, we were early adopters of 3D and HD technologies, and now we are warmly embracing new technologies such as HDR and workflows for handling higher resolution (4K, 8K) video. We’ve recently invested in new HDR monitors for our color correction suites and are always evaluating new technologies.

We’re also in the process of upgrading our edit suites with new iMac systems, and our color suites are upgrading to new iMac Pro systems. These types of changes really help us to continue serving broadcast clients and others whose projects demand a high level of technological sophistication.

Our clients can loosely be divided into three categories. Primarily, broadcast producers and political media producers who turn to us because of our reputation for delivering technically excellent, broadcast-ready shows or spots on tight deadlines. Secondly, non-profit and corporate clients who typically like that we can provide customized support for their projects. They can be as involved in the production process as they’d like to be and we’ll meet their deadlines, even if they have two or three videos in progress at one time. Lastly, we work with a lot of new and independent filmmakers who are looking to take their projects over the finish line with the kind of polish that will get them noticed by film festivals and distributors.

Over the past thirty-five years, we’ve won a large number of industry awards including many TIVA Peer awards, Tellys, Cine awards, and Emmys. However, 2018 was our strongest political season ever, which was an incredible accomplishment. We are also very proud to have been a part of an Oscar-winning short documentary (Inocente) in 2013.

We understand that consistent creative excellence takes a toll on our team, so to ensure that we’re always on top of our game, we host a number of annual events, most of which revolve around food. For instance, we typically hold a Chilli cook-off on the first day of the NCAA tournament, a bake-off, and a Thanksgiving feast day. During political seasons, we regularly host happy hours, game nights and breakfasts and lunches. We have a variety of ways for both clients and employees to blow off steam like taking advantage of our ping pong table (which is used quite often), playing classic video games in one of our edit suites or taking a quick walk through the vibrant Courthouse neighborhood in which we’re located.

The Henninger Media Services Difference

With Henninger, you know that you’re going to be working with the best-of-the-best in every skill area that your project encompasses. You’re going to be working with a very experienced editor, a very experienced colorist who is 100% dedicated to just doing color correction, a sound engineer who is focused entirely on sound and sound only. Essentially, your project is handled by a team of specialists from beginning to end.

To ensure this is possible, we have about thirty employees, including expert-level video editors, colorists, sound engineers, graphic designer/animators, and digitization/archiving specialists.

We also have a Senior Producer on staff to assist with script-to-screen projects. Additionally, we have a narration recordist, an archival film transfer specialist and DVD, Blu-ray and core services specialists on staff. Plus, we have engineering, accounting, and project management teams in place to guide clients’ projects through production and/or post-production.

We are most proud of our team. Most of our employees have worked together for ten or more years. Our colorists have over fifty years of experience combined and have color corrected over 1,000,000 scenes in that time. In some cases, the relationships our staff has with clients go back decades. You cannot underestimate the value of working with a team of people who know each other well and enjoy what they do.

Aside from our very strong team, what sets us apart is speed, capacity, and technical capabilities. If you need a project done quickly that is highly technical, we’re the ideal choice. We also have the capacity to do larger projects (longer videos or series of videos) in shorter amounts of time than many other firms.

Over the past few years, we’ve been working with an increasing number of customers who are starting to use video for the very first time. For those clients, our ability to walk someone through the entire process, from scripting to hiring crews and filming, to editing and finally finishing, is really crucial. Even better, we do it all under one roof.

Our Senior Producer and Project Management team work closely with those clients to make sure they are involved throughout the process. Our highly experienced creative staff and commitment to working as a team make us a great choice for companies looking to create and maintain a pipeline of video content.

As an increasing number of organizations shift to using video as a part of their communications mix, we want to be seen as a true partner in the creative process. If you’re a Director of Communications or an in-house videographer or Creative Director and you’re looking at all the projects on your plate and wondering how you’re going to get it all done, call us.

Maybe you have events coming up in a few different cities that you’d like to film…we can help arrange that. When those are over, perhaps you’d like a producer to help you go through the footage and make sense of what you have, organizing it into scripts for two or three different videos and then overseeing the editing process. Our team can do that! Perhaps you created a video two years ago and would like to re-use that material, but you weren’t happy with the audio or the color and want to give that footage new life…well, our audio and color teams can help with that. We can help you strategize creative ways to meet your communications goals, and we can be your partners at every step in the process.

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