Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring Video Production And Post Production Professionals

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Video is expected to make up 82% of all internet traffic by 2021.  With the rise of video as a crucial component of social media strategies, more and more organizations are looking to increase their output of video content.  Finding a good video producer, one who understands how to communicate your message to your target audience, can be a challenge however. Every client has unique goals and objectives, and only a video producer who is dynamic and innovative will be able to improvise and create content that complements the client’s needs and holds the viewer’s attention.

If you’re looking for video production professionals who can handle various aspects of content creation like storyboarding, editing, graphics, etc. creatively and efficiently, here’s a list of the top five things to look for when hiring video production and post-production professionals.

1. They listen to your needs.

Every video production is different, and to create content that will help your company achieve its goals and objectives, the professionals that you hire must be committed to your unique needs. True professionals will listen to your needs and ask a lot of questions about your project. They will also look at the bigger picture, asking you about your company’s goals and your audience.

2. They are professional and reliable.

Make sure the people or company that you hire has the capabilities that they promise. It’s one thing for someone to be able to edit straightforward HD footage together into a coherent narrative, it’s another entirely for someone to design and animate complex graphics on a tight deadline. To ensure that they have the skills required to complete your work, you should check their portfolio before hiring them.

Moreover, if you have any particular demands like a rigid deadline, special technical needs, etc. then you can evaluate their previous projects and hire them only if they fit your requirements. Referrals can also help a lot in this regard. Many companies, Henninger included, will provide a custom sample of work or references to prove that they’re up to a specific task.

3. They’ll be committed to timely delivery.

Timing is everything. In addition to making sure that a company can provide the services you need, ask detailed questions about scheduling to make sure they can deliver them on time.

Various projects have specific time limitations that must be evaluated before hiring a vendor. Will your project require multiple people working concurrently? If so, how will that be accomplished? Will there be a rush right at the end to finish the video for a big event or other unmovable deadlines? These parameters have to be considered when you’re learning about a video producer’s workflow. Also, keep in mind that your team’s plan in handling reviews and approvals will be crucial in this process. Your team’s cooperation and efficiency will directly impact the efficiency of the whole project.

4. Their services are reasonably priced.

The most expensive solution is not always the best solution. If you’ve explained your project to a video production company and the price estimate is much higher than expected, talk with the vendor. There are usually many different ways to produce videos that meet a specific goal, and all of those ways come with different price tags. Open communication between your team and the video production team can help you discover new, creative ways to meet your goals within your budget.

5. They are straightforward.

Find video professionals who are eager to make you happy but aren’t push-overs. Breaking the news to a client that their project has an unrealistic deadline or budget isn’t fun, but it’s sometimes necessary. The goal is to find a video production partner who can help you work through your ideas, your budget, and your timeline and find a path that works for all three.

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